Research and Collaboration

research and collaboration

Research collaboration means a team of individual researchers working together to achieve a common goal. In this joint effort, each member is responsible for a particular area of research. Similarly, all the researchers should know how their work will contribute to the completion of the whole project.

Research and collaboration are very important to reach a decision in the field of online education because there are some issues that need clarification. So, the researchers should know all kinds of research collaboration to bring good results. Researchers from different countries, statuses, and organizations participate in research collaboration. Mutual interests, understandings, and benefits take part in research and collaboration. We categorize collaboration according to its type and they are given below;

Research Collaboration inside an Institute

  • In this type of collaboration, researchers of two groups in different departments of the same institution work together on a project.
  • No external funding is involved to carry out this research.
  • All the members of groups meet regularly to review their progress and plan to publish their results.
  • But the researchers should be in communication with each other.

Research Collaboration with a Private Company

  • In this collaboration, a researcher from a private company works with the research group of academic faculty members.
  • The private researcher follows his own project learning about current techniques.
  • Researchers remain in close communication because they have to discuss their matters.

Collaboration with other institutions

  • In this collaboration, a senior researcher invites other junior researchers from a different institution.  The senior researcher receives funds and collaborates with junior researchers.
  • As data is important to research so in this collaboration, they collect large data.
  • The researchers can communicate through telephone or email.
Research and Collaboration

Collaboration with Other Institutions in Person

  • In this type of collaboration, a researcher goes to another institution for specific time periods to collect data or to learn new techniques.
  • The researcher visits another institute for 2-3 weeks and takes part in the research of the other group.
  • Researchers remain in close communication with each other.

Task-Based Research Collaboration

  • Research is not a simple process because it has several parts. They include data collection, analysis, experiments, and reviewing results.
  • The researcher collaborates with the data analysts of the same or another institute.
  • Therefore, each researcher carries out his own analysis and combines it to publish the results.

International Collaboration for Research

  • Researchers from different countries and institutes get an international perspective in this research collaboration.
  • Each research group applies for its funds independently.
  • The researchers in this collaboration agree to share data to reach a common goal.
  • Therefore, the collaborators can communicate through telephone or email.

In research collaboration, researchers try to reach the solution to a complex problem by working with similar researchers around the world.